Touuching Infinity

Touching Infinity
Yoga-inspired guitar music with heartbeat drums and ambient keyboards
80 minutes ©2012


Playing On Heartstrings
Acoustic guitar instrumentals made for relaxation and healing.
69 minutes ©2012

Eternity and Beyond
Indian Raga Wind Chimes
with Bansuri flute
and Tanpura drone
68 minutes ©2010

Ambient keyboards and
beautiful wind chimes,
deeply relaxing
61 minutes ©2010
* Digital Download Only *
Healing spaces
Healing Spaces

Deep & moving combination of Woodstock Wind Chimes &
Artful Touch Music

61 minutes ©2010

* Digital Download Only *

floating further
Floating Further CD
The ulitimate relaxation,
Woodstock Windchimes and
deep, ambient keyboards
77 minutes ©2009
Digital Download

Heartbeat Souldream CD
Layers of rhythm and percussion
with guitars and keyboards
Ideal for yoga and massage.
72 minutes, ©2008
Digital Download

Love with gratitude
Love With Gratitude CD
The best of Artful Touch Music
with three new remixes
74 minutes, ©2005
Digital Download
ambient dreams
Ocean waves, wind chimes,
water streams and ambient keyboards
78 minutes, ©2006
Digital Download
Visionaire CD

Compelling & playful layers of
guitar, piano, alto sax and keyboards
71 minutes, ©2004
Digital Download
  Sun and Shadow
Sun and Shadow CD
Emotionally evocative improvisations
piano, alto sax and guitars
71 minutes, ©2004
Digital Download

Listening To Riversong
Listening To Riversong CD
Sincere and soulful songs with
acoustic and electric guitars
54 minutes, ©2003
Digital Download

        For The Holidays
For The Holidays CD

Seasonal favorites played with
love, light, and a little humor
47 minutes, ©2008
Digital Download

Artful Touch Music is made for, and inspired by, the healing arts. These songs are effective as music therapy for all ages. This music encourages relaxation, a resting heart rate, deeper breathing, a calm and centered mind, and a general sense of well-being.

...Giving love with gratitude for family and friends...

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